Youth Camp FAQs

1)    How do I sign up?

  • Online
    1. Download the camp form here
    2. Scan/Take a picture of the filled-up camp form
    3. Email it to our Youth I/Cs - OR
  • Via mail
    1. Download the camp form here
    2. Print out the form, fill it up and mail it to us at:
      7 Armenian Street, #03-07, Bible House, S(179932)

2)    Where is the camp held?
We’re back to the exciting old school rough it out camp style at Sarimbun Scout Camp!
Check out some of the camp site pictures here!

3)    What will be happening at the camp?
For those who are seeking, to find. For those who are hungry, to be filled!
We will be having a wholistic range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenge to grow a deeper capacity in you as a person or Christian. You may check out the range of activities that we will be doing on the Spartan Camp Poster.

4)    How do I pay my camp fees?
a.    Write a cheque and make it payable to Scripture Union Singapore. Then send it to: 7 Armenian Street, #03-07 (Bible House), S179932.
b.    Drop by in person (or send a representative) to pass us cash at the address above.
c.    I-Bank/ATM Transfer to DBS Autosave account 033-005470-0. Email photographic proof of transfer to

5)    How will I be kept informed of what’s happening?
Information will be released via our Facebook Page.

Alternatively, all other updates and information such as the camp packing list will be disseminated via your mobile number or email address that you provide in the registration form.

For any further enquiries, feel free to shoot us an email at the address provided below!

6)    Can I invite my friends?
This camp is targeted at Youths from 13 to 19 years of age. So encourage your friends to come along with you! We welcome anyone and especially youths who are hungry to find God, or youths who are seeking for purpose and identity.

7)    What if I have medical conditions?
Please inform us in the registration form provided so that we can take note in advance.

If you have any further queries, you can contact Luke Zachary Ng or Dorcas Liu below:

Luke -
+65 8522 5210
Dorcas -
+65 9298 8443