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Children Holiday Trek Programme (HTPC)

Family Church Camp brings church members together as one big family of God. Away from the mundane lifestyle of home and distractions, a secluded overseas trip usually draws people closer to God. Your precious children can be entrusted to Scripture Union to guide and teach them. This year, our Holiday Trek Programme aims to teach children how to love and worship God above all things and to devote their lives to His service. 

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Youth Holiday Trek Programme (HTPY)

SU Youth Holiday Trek Programme is tailored to support local churches, especially for the young people at their church camps held either overseas or in Singapore during the school holidays.



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Annual SUPA Camp

Scripture Union Primary Age (SUPA) Camp is a holistic camp that opens doors to new friendships and bonding through team activities. At these camps, your children will learn to love and care for each other. Most of all, SUPA Camp provides opportunities for them to encounter and experience the touch of God.

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SU Youth Camp 2017: Spartan Camp

Once known as fearsome warriors, the term Spartan has come to be associated with people who are tough, single-minded, mentally strong and unafraid of whatever challenges life throws at them. In this latest iteration of SU's annual Youth Camp, come and be trained physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and pick up mental and physical discipline skills and techniques.





SU International Student Camp (ISC)

SU Indonesia hosted the International Student Camp in 2016! Held every 4 years, the camp brings together students from all over the region and equips them with knowledge regarding the pressing issues of today. Click the links below to find out more.