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Certification Training


Certificate in Practical Children's Ministry

CPCM is a systematic learning of basic but creative cutting-edge knowledge in children's ministry. The comprehensive modules range in topics from children spiritual development to classroom management. New topics include Spiritual Formation 1-4, Reaching the 21st Century Children and Basic Pastoral Care.





Certificate in Practical Youth Ministry

The objective of CPYM is to equip youth ministry workers and leaders with the four core essential areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand the Biblical basis, principles and basic practises needed to reach and raise the next generation of youth to become agents of God's transformation in the world.





Engaging Communication Skills (ECS)

Develop and fine-tune your skills in facilitation, presentation and training in your work with children, youths or young adults. A dynamic course for anyone accountable for a team's development and well-being.






Certificate in Practical Children's Ministry - Myanmar

Praise the Lord for the completion of our first CPCM in Myanmar!